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Holiday Trash Schedule - Street Light Out? - Original Declaration of Restrictions, 10/14/1992

Slideshow of Bluff Creek Estates (May 2006)  by Charley Blackmore
Grindstone Creek Trail
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Email sent to Board & Management Company 2017-01-13

Are there plans for having lights again on the "bridge"(Lacewood at lake)? There are no lights there now and they have been off for a long time....

Also the main light at the Grindstone Entrance has been off equally as long... and there are still no lights on the LEFT or West side of Bluff Creek Drive at Main Entrance... and naturally the light that was restored at the small fountain at the Main Entrance, is off. Is it off because the fountain in still under repair....?

I would like to see something on the webpage or in an email to all BCENA regarding what has been done with the list of 9 *(nine) items that were to be done with the $200.00 assessment last year!


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